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T.O.W. 15: Be My Guest Meghan Beytagh

For our last topic of the week in my Social Media for PR class, I was able to repeat last weeks topic and pick another guest blogger to post something about in my blog. This week I chose to share something from my friend and classmate, Meghan Beytagh.

In our Senior Seminar for PR class, we had to do a shadowing project in which we shadow a PR professional during the week. Meghan chose to shadow a professional at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing. She then chose to write a blog post, and embed her slideshare presentation into that post. I really enjoyed her presentation in class, so I chose to share it today. Thank you Meghan for being my guest blogger!

Shadow Project

Recently, in my senior seminar class, we were assigned to shadow someone within the public relations field. Once we had completed this we then had to do a presentation about our day to the class.

For this assignment, I had the pleasure of shadowing Kara Hooper. She works at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing which is located in Savannah,Georgia (this is where I am going to be doing my public relations internship in a few weeks). I had an amazing day! My day started off running a few errands and just getting to know Kara better. Some of the highlights of the day were when I got to help with some work for two of their current clients. These clients were the town of Garden City and The Coastal Bank which is located in Pooler, Georgia. I got to help create an invitation and write a press release. I also found out that  no day is the same in the public relations field.

After getting a chance to spend a day at Abshire and get a peek at what a day is like in the public relations field, I am extremely excited about graduating and getting a chance to work in the field. I am also looking forward to completing my internship at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing.

Attached below is the Powerpoint presentation that I presented to my class:


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