T.O.W. 13: Videos going “Viral”

For this weeks topic in my Social Media for PR class, we were asked to discuss what qualities in a video like “David After Dentist” allow it to go “viral.” I think that anyone can make a video, but for it to have good “viral” quality the person making the video must have something that other people feel they need to be informed about.  Videos that have “viral” potential also need to be universally funny, meaning that anyone of any gender, race or age would think is funny. Videos, should also be able to relate to others in some shape or fashion.

Videos that are becoming viral often have a great amount of views and sometimes can even be seen on news channels and various television channels. Many people who are in these viral videos become known as “internet celebrities,” well-known throughout the world just because of one little video. These videos can also be the same videos that come back to haunt them later in their careers. Some viral videos are great for advertisements within companies and organizations and have brought success to some as well.

One of my favorite viral videos to watch features a two year-old dancing to “Oh Let’s Do It” by Waka Flocka Flame. The baby is jamming too hard, on beat and really enjoying the song.

Another viral video that I enjoy watching is a video that two girls made while they were bored. One of them is wearing a clown mask, and they are doing the video dance to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. I would explain more, but just watch it and see what happens…


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