Social Media Newsrooms: Survival Guide Ch. 10-12

For our reading notes during weeks 12 and 13 we were asked to read chapters 10-12 of “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization.” These chapters all focus on social media newsrooms and other social media tools.

A Social Media Newsroom is a place where the media or anyone who wants to know something can view all the major media coverage on a topic or company and see all (past and present) news releases about a certain topic. They can also look up the company’s past and future scheduled events, view bios, and upload different media. Social Media Newsrooms are important for individuals or businessesĀ that tend to get or want a lot of media coverage or those who put out many news releases.

If you’re interested in using social media tools to optimize your website the book suggests:

  • Social Calendars: these are something the book suggests using as a way to get extra exposure, they offer a convenient way for you to post your events in one place .
  • Social Pages: these are a great tool to use because instead of creating a page about yourself, you create a page on a particular topic. This works well with search engines because visitors can simple search a simple topic

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