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NO Smoking!! Colleges Move to Ban Smoking On Campus

Colleges across the country are attempting to snuff out smokers by forbidding the habit on school grounds. Will this help? Only time will tell. According to Time Magazine 365 U.S. colleges and universities have instituted anti-smoking rules both indoors and out within recent years. Of these schools the University of Maine and the University of Kentucky are the most recent. While some are imposing campus bans, others like the University of Iowa are simply trying to assist students with kicking the bad habit. They are offering smoking-cessation programs and providing temporary reimbursement for nicotine patches, gum and prescription medications like Zyban.

Because the entrance of Veazey Hall is where our smoke receptacles are located, that is where the smokers collect in between classes. I’m not excited about having cigarette smoke be the first thing I smell when I leave Veazey Hall, but if the smokers aren’t there, where will they go?

In most places, the issue doesn’t seem to be secondhand smoke. Rather, the rationale for going smoke-free in wide open spaces is a desire to model healthy behavior. Measures such as creating smoke-free buffer zones have been taken by some universities, but these restrictions and bans just seem extremely difficult to carry out to me. My first thought when the word ‘restriction’ comes to mind is who is going to be enforcing it? School’s can threaten to administer fines for caught offenders, but this is pointless if people are not shown that these offenses can be taken seriously. some campuses are so large that the task of merely keeping track of the people who smoke on campus is impossible.

Iowa State University students speak out against the proposed ban on smoking:

If Georgia Southern University proposed a campus-wide smoking ban, how do you think everyone would react?



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Looking to the Future: Survival Guide Ch. 13

For my Social Media for PR class’ week 15 reading assignment we were required to read Chapter 13 from “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization” about looking to the future in your career with social media.

In this chapter I learned about Lifestreaming, which is  a time-ordered stream of documents that functions as a diary of your electronic life. Every document you have ever created, and every document that has ever been sent to you by another person is apart of your lifestream. They are similar to a blog in that they are chronologically ordered with the collection of information, but their content consists mostly of feeds or “streams” of information from other social sites.

I also learned what a friend feed was. This is a real-time feed collector that consolidates the updates from social media and networking sites, social bookmarking websites, blogs and micro-blogging updates.

The last thing that really caught my interest within the chapter was the information shared about Facebook, and the connection that the site shares with lifestreaming and friend streams. Facebook uses Facebook Connect, which is a place where users can easily share content and their actions with their friends on Facebook. Once these friends access the connect, they can then add their own feed. Facebook will soon launch a “social rank” app where you can see what your ranking among other friends on the same site is.

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T.O.W. 15: Be My Guest Meghan Beytagh

For our last topic of the week in my Social Media for PR class, I was able to repeat last weeks topic and pick another guest blogger to post something about in my blog. This week I chose to share something from my friend and classmate, Meghan Beytagh.

In our Senior Seminar for PR class, we had to do a shadowing project in which we shadow a PR professional during the week. Meghan chose to shadow a professional at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing. She then chose to write a blog post, and embed her slideshare presentation into that post. I really enjoyed her presentation in class, so I chose to share it today. Thank you Meghan for being my guest blogger!

Shadow Project

Recently, in my senior seminar class, we were assigned to shadow someone within the public relations field. Once we had completed this we then had to do a presentation about our day to the class.

For this assignment, I had the pleasure of shadowing Kara Hooper. She works at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing which is located in Savannah,Georgia (this is where I am going to be doing my public relations internship in a few weeks). I had an amazing day! My day started off running a few errands and just getting to know Kara better. Some of the highlights of the day were when I got to help with some work for two of their current clients. These clients were the town of Garden City and The Coastal Bank which is located in Pooler, Georgia. I got to help create an invitation and write a press release. I also found out that  no day is the same in the public relations field.

After getting a chance to spend a day at Abshire and get a peek at what a day is like in the public relations field, I am extremely excited about graduating and getting a chance to work in the field. I am also looking forward to completing my internship at Abshire Public Relations & Marketing.

Attached below is the Powerpoint presentation that I presented to my class:

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Get Involved with National Volunteer Week!!

This calendar week, April 19-25, 2010 is officially known as National Volunteer week celebrating “People in Action“. This year’s theme captures the meaning behind this signature week by honoring the individuals who dedicate themselves to taking action and solving problems in their communities.

Established by President Richard Nixon with an executive order in 1974, it brings together people from all walks of life to make a difference.This year’s Volunteer Week in particularly special, however. It commemorates the one-year anniversary of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, the largest expansion of volunteer service since the 1930s.

There are thousands of opportunities for you to help out around your community and participate, check out some of these local organizations:

“Whether through the workplace or a house of worship, in our own neighborhoods or in another state or country, service binds us together as Americans in a way nothing else can. It defines us as a people, and it is essential to achieving our national priorities”- President Barack Obama


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Measuring Your Success: Survival Guide Ch. 14

For my Social Media for PR class’ week 14 reading assignment we were required to read Chapter 14 from “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization” about measuring your success in the world of social media.

After reading this chapter, I learned that social media engagement is measured based in user interaction though these things:

  1. attention
  2. participation
  3. authority
  4. influence

I also learned that if you’re going to measure your success, you must know your goals. In order to measure anything, you must have beginning stages and an attainable goal to work towards. By making up your own goals and setting your own agenda you can measure yourself, and come to your own conclusions. This means that you cannot rely on what others are telling you, and that even though the criticism that you receive from a professional may be dead-on, YOU are in control of the decisions you make and what you feel your next step should be.

The chapter also provided some cool success “measuring tools”:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Alerts
  • Google  Trends
  • Feedburner
  • Blog Statistics Tools
  • Technorati

Check out this cool video I found, which gives a walk-through about using Google Analytics Interface;

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T.O.W. 14: Be My Guest Chelsea Bailey

For this weeks topic in my Social Media for PR class, we had to post something by a guest blogger. I have many friends that have blogs and write within their major courses, but my favorite blogger by far is my friend Chelsea Bailey, or Bails as I call her.

Chelsea’s Blog Pr Intern to PRofessional stuck in my mind because I sat beside her for a few days while she was writing it, and it was wonderful to get to read the finished product.

Thank you Chelsea for being my guest blogger! Love ya 😉

With less than 3 weeks until graduation, I feel that it is important to know what to expect after May 8. While reading this article from Platform (Public Relations) Magazine on transitioning from an intern to a PRofessional, here are some notes I think are important for all those who intend on transitioning from student/intern to the PRofessional world.

1. Make the most of your professional experience.

I feel that this is the number one most important things we must remember as we transition from student/intern to PRofessional. Some ways to make the most of your professional experience include:

-Ask questions-

Asking questions seems like a simple idea, but sometimes we are too shy, or too intimidated by a person’s position of power to ask simple questions we want to know the answer to. A way to get the answers to questions without being intimidated is to write them down at home, or send the person an email. By doing this you don’t have to deal with them face to face, although you should, especially if you are interning and wish to build a relationship with them. Hopefully communicating in the workplace will put you more at ease so you can open up and talk to them.

-Take initiative-

This is something that I’ve learned from first hand experience recently. My internship at the American Cancer Society has been a learning experience in more ways that one. Coming into the office, i would always ask if there was anything they needed me to do, in order to prepare for Relay for Life. My boss would always say NO, but one day the secretary came into my office and told me that the supervisors were expecting me to be proactive and find things to do, as opposed to waiting until I was told to do something. From then on, I made sure that I was always working on something, even if they didn’t ask me to.

-Act professional-

…duh! Nothing else to say.

-Observe your environment-

Watching how things work around the office may give you a better understanding of the position and industry in which you pursue in the future. Senior Seminar is all about preparing us for the real world, so just watching and listening may help you more than you know.

-Make mistakes-

Yes I know this part of the internship sucks, but how else will you learn the do’s and don’t. You can consider it like a trial and error.

-Follow directions-

…self explanatory

-Push your limits-

Even if you think you can’t do something, try anyway. My mom always said, nothing beats a fail but a try…Just Do It!

-Evaluate your progress-

Keep a journal. Write about your experience and go back and look at everything you’ve done while on the internship. This may be a learing experience in itself. Progress is good sign that you are moving in the right direction.

-Keep in contact with former employers/mentors-

Utilize those contacts you’ve made during your internship and consult  them on the job search. If you’ve made a good impression, they are likely to help you out when it matters.

2. Make sacrifices to get your job done.

Come early, leave late…just make sure they know that you are dedicated to completing your job on time and to the best of your ability.

Overall the article lists the biggest challenge as dealing with workload responsibility. An intern usually assists their supervisor but when you get to having your own clients the work may sometimes be overwhelming. According to Platform magazine, following these simple steps should make the transition much easier from intern/student to PRofessional.

I’m taking notes…

May 8th

is just around the corner.

Do you have any additional tips? Comment and let me know

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GSU Theater Break In: My Viral Video

For my Social Media for PR class, we had an assignment to create a viral video for a client of Georgia Southern University for the purpose of recruiting students. I worked with my friend and classmate, Meg Tidmore, and we chose the GSU Theater Department as our client. For “viral’ purposes, we chose to set up our video as if we were breaking into the Center for Art and Theater (CAT).

Check it out!

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