T.O.W. 11: Interview with Martin Waxman

For this week in my Social Media for PR class we were asked to watch an interview that my professor did with Martin Waxman, the president and co-founder of Pallette Public Relations, Inc. During the interview, Nixon and Waxman talked about his PR Agency and the importance of traditional PR backgrounds. They also discussed digital foot printing.

This interview taught me that what I’m learning right now as an undergrad student, and my habits at this very moment can be crucial in shaping my career in the PR field. In the interview Waxman talked about things that employers look for in interns and possible employees. When he said that he looks for traditional public relations skills, I became rather excited. With the professors I have had throughout my college career, I really feel as if I that. I think that traditional skills aren’t everything in a career these days, but the old ways are not going away anytime soon, so it’s best to at least have some knowledge in the area.

I was surprised to hear that he was well aware of the benefits of social media sites like twitter. To quote Waxman,” you put something on twitter and its amplified.” I know i use twitter to complain on the sly about companies, products, and services all the time. I know a specific case where my complaint was actually heard was with Radian 6, a social media monitoring site. I had a group project to do one day for a class, and I was having trouble accessing an account that I had set up. I tweeted about my issue, and someone got back to me almost instantly, and I was able to email my issue to a customer service representative from the company. My problem was fixed the same day, and I even got a great grade on my project.

After listening to the interview, one thing that I would like to know more about Waxman’s company is exactly what they do to fit into the world of PR. It was mentioned briefly during the interview, but I feel like there is so much more that could be said about his company and its practices. I think that he gets the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing people, and just sharing that could do wonders for other people interested in working  in the PR field. Interested in seeing what else he has to say? Feel free to visit his blog.


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