T.O.W. Nine & Ten: PR OpenMic and its Uses

This week in my Social Media for PR class, we were asked to discuss PR OpenMic and what it has to offer to public relations students and recent grads. Being a current PR student and soon-to-be recent grad (May!!) I have been on this site for a few semesters now, although I can’t really say that I use the site to the best of my ability. I do know what I can use the site for, and fully intend to take advantage of my resources soon.

PR OpenMic is a website where PR students, professor, and professionals can connect and share information, blogs, thoughts, etc. the site is created as a way for Public Relations majors, minors, professionals, former professionals, etc. to network and communicate. It is a worldwide network for connection and learning, and only good things can come of using this website. For PR students and recent grad, they have the benefit to be able to see what other students and professionals in the same boat as themselves are doing, as well as to connect with a larger amount of people than they would be able to just by simply doing a search on the internet. It is a better way to make connections, as well as stay informed and up-to-date in the “inside scoop.”

Specific things to encounter while on PR OpenMic:

  1. Potential Employers- these are the important people who you should be interested in meeting.
  2. Blogs–  PR OpenMic allows people to post their blogs on the site, so there is a wealth of information available.
  3. Classmates- keep up with your friends, as well as in touch with future opportunities for employment.
  4. Open Forums– got an opinion about something? Share it! People want to know,  and will add to your comments as well.

Do you have a PR OpenMic account? If so, add me please on my page.


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