University Budget Cuts…Keels Take on the Issue

I recently heard about plans for proposed budget cuts for Georgia Universities, which could total more than $300 million dollars state-wide. After hearing this, my immediate reaction was, “I’m so happy I’m graduating!” From my understanding Georgia Southern alone has been asked to cut 14.7 million dollars from their budget in the proposed cuts. This, in addition the original 11 million dollars they were originally asked to cut, comes to about 30% cuts in the money that is provided from the state. THIS made me start to worry.

Even after I walk the stage in May, will these proposed budget cuts affect me later on down the line, should I decided to return for graduate school? I began to think a bit more on the subject, and decided to take a deeper look.

Here is video of Georgia Southern President Keel addressing the budget cut situation:

Throughout the video he is very calm while explaining the situation. He reassured my feelings about the university, as well as eased thoughts that I have about my future. I found this video on the Georgia Southern website, and it did a great job of answering the rumors being started about the university budget cuts, and I think that alone was an amazing show of PR risk management.


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