Podcasting, Vidcasting & Webcasting: Survival Guide Reading Notes, Ch. 5

Podcasts are series of audio or visual files distributed over the Internet in .mp3 format, that can be syndicated or subscribed to. They are yet another form of interactive RSS feeds; they include both audio and video files. Podcasts can contain personal radio show, or any audio that you wish to share with others.

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What I learned:

1. You should always be clear about the purpose of your podcast (Hay, 2009). Since people are able to subscribe to it, they will have expectations of consistency for the topics your episodes cover. This means that it is very important to plan ahead so that you do not lose your audiences interest.

2. Your existing(current) blog is a perfect choice to publish your podcast. It is already a host for RSS feeds, so all the necessary technology is already built in.This saves you a great deal of work, as well as allows you to utilize great features already enabled by the site.

3.  The same process for optimizing and promoting you personal blog and RSS feed must be followed in order to optimize your podcast. Podcasts can be optimized for search engines and podcast directories by using the same words consistently within the podcast, as well as on the page that the podcast is located.

Detina, H. (2009). A Survival Guide to Social Media abd Web 2.0 Optimization: Strategies Tactics, and Tools for Succeeding in the social Web. Dalton Publishing: Austin, TX.



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2 responses to “Podcasting, Vidcasting & Webcasting: Survival Guide Reading Notes, Ch. 5

  1. mbutle

    Now that I have made my first podcast, I am addicted. They are not very hard to make at all if you download Audiacity. I think that whoever has a blog should definitely utilize podcasting at least once. It is a great PR tool that can be tailored to whatever subject you please. I have not had a chance to make a video cast yet but I am excited at the opportunity. Very helpful information.

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