RSS Feeds & Blogs: Survival Guide Reading Notes Ch. 3

For my Social Media for PR class’ week 7 reading assignment we were required to read Chapter 3 from “A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization” about RSS Feeds and blogs.

After reading this chapter, I learned that RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This is simply the way that information is spread across the internet. Think your RSS feed as:

  • A subscription, instead of getting your local paper delivered to your door every day, your paper is delivered to your desktop

I also learned that a blog is an RSS Feed, each blogging platform have built-in RSS feed technology, each blog post becomes part of the blog’s RSS feed. As I blogger I found this to be interesting.

I also learned how to create my own feed, which had to be the most helpful tip of all to me as an up-and-coming blogger:

  1. Create your own XML File
  2. Use software or a service to create your feed
  3. Use a CMS to serve as your feed
  4. Start a blog to serve as your feed

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