T.O.W. Seven: Foursquare and Twitterstreams in Action

For this weeks Topic of the Week we were asked to look deeper behind the scenes of Foursquare and answer the following questions: What is this Foursquare thing that we keep seeing in our Twitterstreams? How could companies benefit from it? And what are some of the potential dangers of using Foursquare (and other location-based services) for individual participants?

Foursquare is a phone application that people with Iphone, Blackberries and other smart phones can use to keep friends in the loop of where you are, and what you are doing. A user of foursquare has the ability to “check-in” with where they are visiting and what they like to do in that city, such as their favorite restaurants, museums, etc. Once these lists are accessed Foursquare is able to make a list of the favorite things that the foursquare user likes to do and publish it to friends.

Foursquare combines gaming, tourism, and twitter into one user friendly website. It was created by a team of 6 individuals lead by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, with the help of 300 colleagues and friends (as stated on the site).

Foursquare can be beneficial to businesses because it can help employees keep in touch with each other, find out where they are located, find good places to eat, stay, etc., and a good means of communication with one another. Companies are also able to monitor their customer review and visitation of their company, making it easier to access their customer base. The only downside that I have seen with this service is the fact that it is location based, meaning that it is accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network. This means that the geographical position of the mobile device is traceable.

Here’s a brief recap. With Foursquare you can:

  • Check-in-tell others of your whereabouts
  • Keep in touch with employees
  • Find out where things are located
  • Find good places to eat
  • Find the best hotels to stay in
  • Communicate!

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