T.O.W. Six: Social Media Friend or Foe

For this weeks Topic of the Week, we were required to listen to Shel Holtz, Mark Ragan, David Biesack, Vida Killian, Terry McKenzie, and Jim Ylisela discuss, “concerns and objections around the adoption of social media communication channel.”

Ragan Communications held a conference titled, “Corporate Communications in the Era of Web 2.0,” about corporate blogging on October 16, 2008. The company’s CEO Mark Ragan mediated the conference.

The goal of the conference was to answer questions and concerns that people have about social media in a panel-style session.  Throughout the session the panelists are asked questions about social media and they answered accordingly.

Some of the questions that stuck in my mind about the conference are posted below:

Why do I need to launch a blog? Shel Holtz answered the question posed by CEO Mark Ragan saying that if customers are caring enough to comment on our products, we should care enough about them to address their concerns using blogs. Social media is important for building relationships, and the best way to build relationships with your customers is to give them a reason to be passionate about your product. I think that if a company has an opportunity to build a relationship with their customers, they should take full; advantage. It could only further your company.

Who is going to write these blog posts? The employees of the company can post blogs, along with the CEO. The employees should post about the great products and great services, and what they are doing in their daily routines at work. These blog posts can be extremely valuable, and this is the way to make your company shine by answering questions customers may have and sharing information that is not available from many other companies.

Is there no censor or control for blogs? Jim Ylisela answered this question saying, “You cannot control your customers but it is a way to hear what people are saying about your product. This is a channel to immediately correct any problems or concerns.”

I like how the panel was open format and informal, especially Mark Ragan served as an uninformed CEO scared blogging. It allowed the panel to answer the questions from the perspective of an uninformed audience. As the “CEO” he brought up great questions that any newbie to social media would be concerned with. I think that the panel allowed the experts to answer questions from the perspective of an uninformed audience.


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