Reading Notes Week 5: The Groundswell Transforms, Chapters 10-12

For our final reading assignment on Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies, we had to read the books third and last section, The Groundswell Transforms. Chapters 10-12 explain how using the groundswell benefits companies. Throughout the book the authors opened with why companies should interact using the Groundswell, as well as what ways it could be used to benefit companies. This section covers specific cases to back up the first 9 chapters of the book.

In this section I learned about factors that many companies tend to forget that are key determinants of their success.

  • Instead of forcing your employees to blog, take one or two employees that love blogging and want to do so; build your strategy for blogging around these individuals.
  • Listen first, then act. If you do not know all the details of an issue or happenings within your company, how will you make the best and fairest decision? Take the time to hear all sides before you make a choice.
  • There are factors of your company’s personal Groundswell can influence how your employees are portraying your company outside of the office.
    • Never forget that the groundswell is about person to person activity
    • Be a good listener
    • Be patient
    • Be opportunistic
    • Be flexible
    • Be collaborative
    • Be humble

These are all good tips for companies looking to make the groundswell an asset to their company.


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