T.O.W. Four: What is Social Media?

Many of the definitions presented on Adam’s list were all very compelling and well written and from the number of responses there isn’t one concrete definition because for each person who responded they may use social media in a different way. A few of the definitions I agree with are from the individuals who realize that social media is changing the world around us in a rapid fashion based on peoples thoughts and ideas.  After reading the definition that Adam was given I created the one below.

Social Media is sharing, learning, creating, and changing your ideas, beliefs, habits and customs to better relate to the world around you.

I created my definition based on how I use social media network in my everyday life. My friends and I use Facebook and Twitter. It was originally used to update our friends on our whereabouts and our lives in general but somewhere down the line it became so much more.  Many people use these media outlets to give inspirational advice or words of encouragement. One thing most people never realize is how words can affect someone. Social media is the best way to motivate young people and see where their mind sets are. Companies as well as politician should read these post and begin to implement them in their business and policies. Generation Y has a lot to say about how things are being done because we are the future. Social Security is a big something my generation should worry about because we are in jeopardy of losing it due to lack of efficient planning. We have to realize that we have the power to influence one another through these social media outlet and we use it to forward various agendas for financial, spiritual, emotional, religious, and generally personal gain. Social Media has been a blessing for the world as a whole.


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