T.O.W. Week Three: “Ethical” Social Media Monitoring

While looking at the topic for this week, I was a bit stumped to say the least. Ethics in social media?? Well to begin my thoughts on this I decided to pull out my textbook (nerdy, I know) for a little help. I’m currently enrolled in a Media Ethics class at Georgia Southern, so I’m responsible for learning these principles this semester, and hopefully taking something useful from the class to make me a better PR practitioner.

Ethics is described as the moral principles or rules of conduct recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions or a particular group, culture, etc. So in my mind that would mean that in if you are intruding on someone’s personal space and thoughts then that’s disrespecting them correct? Which would make it unethical….BUT some people misuse their privileges and rights to freedom with social media sites.

The Good:

Social media monitoring can keep people informed, as well as spread good thoughts and causes. People have different definitions of the effectiveness of social media, and many have yet to realize it power. People can use social media sites in order to expand their horizons, share stories, and network to meet people and find job opportunities. I think that social media monitoring can help keep people safe, as well as protect the well-being of many companies.

As far as companies monitoring how people feel about their product, I believe that if it’ll help them make necessary changes for the greater good of their company then that’s fine with me. Many professionals adopt social media to gain a competitive edge, and these moves more often than not turn out to have a positive outcome for them.

The Bad: Social monitoring can not only create bad press, but it can often be misconstrued in different circle.  When information is posted on the internet it travels like a wild fire and all it takes is a little oxygen to make a bad situation worst. Many companies also use social monitoring to gain insight on current and potential employees.  In some situation and jobs that may be important, but it seems to be the new fad for hiring and firing employees. What a person does on their private time does not reflect their capabilities to do a job well.

Blogs I think you should check out!!

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Photo Credit: http://www.webguild.org/groups/



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2 responses to “T.O.W. Week Three: “Ethical” Social Media Monitoring

  1. marielorelei

    I think that it’s understandable that companies want to engage in social media monitoring in order to find out what is being said about them. It can prove to be a great benefit to companies who can gather comments that they would not otherwise be able to acquire. Focus groups can be beneficial but it also removes people from their natural habitat and might influence what they are willing to say. When people blog or leave comments in other social media forums, they are being honest and open (for the most part) and companies can get a full uncensored peek at what the general public thinks of them.

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