T.O.W. Week Two: Social Media for Haiti

From the beginning of time, countries and people have experienced hardships and tragedies, sometimes with little hope for help or relief within a needed time limit. This is no longer the case with the development of new social media tactics, and advanced ways to reach humanity through the World.Wide.Web. and other resources. One click away is the theme that drives this force, becoming an all too familiar way of life or so many.

Social media is being used in the Haitian earthquake crisis to deliver widespread messages and further the cause in order to aid the victims of the tragedy. I know within a day of the earthquake’s occurrence, through my twitter account alone I’d read many donation links, text message numbers, and codes that allowed me to donate amounts of money and have the fees sent to my cell phone bill. *(can you say convenient??!!)*

I’ve also seen Facebook groups and sites organized simply for the cause of uniting people in order to aid these victims. The American Red Cross (@RedCross on twitter) has so far spent and committed more than $67 million to meet the most urgent needs of earthquake survivors in Haiti. The people of Haiti are in trouble, and social media is helping to answer their call. Artists like Wyclef Jean (@wyclef ) and Sandra Bulloch are just a few among many influential celebrities to donate to Haiti, and many are really stepping up to give, and linked with many social media sites. The Yele Haiti relief site has side links to many other social media in the Yele community where people can stay connected and informed. 

To say the least, Haiti wouldn’t be fortunate enough to receive the amount of aid it has without the help of social media. It shapes my life, greatly influences the lives of others, and I couldn’t very well see myself without it ;-).

To donate to Yele Haiti:

Click Here

To donate to the American Red Cross:

Click Here


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