Surviving the Social Web: Survival Guide, pp. 15-22 Notes

For my Social Media for PR class, we were required to read the introduction to A Survival Guide to Social Media and Web 2.0 Optimization by Deltina Hay.

The future of the internet is the Social Web, meaning that success in today’s Internet absolutely depends on your entire Web presence, not just your experience with search engine optimization (SEO). The Social Web helps you reach a wide variety of potential clients and readers you may not have reached before through connections and search engines. Users of the social web actually want and encourage businesses and professionals to interact with them on their turf because it is a more comfortable environment, provided that the person is using an authentic message to succeed.

What I learned:

  • What an RSS feed is- RSS stands for really simple syndication; it is a file containing information that allows you to syndicate (share) that information across the internet.
  • Content Management System- an application used to create, edit, and publish content in an organized way.
    • They have built in RSS feed and widget technology.
    • Placing code is a function that is built into the CMS infrastructure, making the process relatively painless
  • Using consistent key terms throughout your entire traditional and Social Web presence is essential to overall success because it strengthens the likelihood for your topic, business or service to be found in a basic search. You cannot simply bet that a person will happen to come across your page

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