Blog Post #2: CRAP

Contrast.Repetition.Alignment.Proximity- CRAP Principles

These elements created by Robin Williams (teacher and writer, not comedian) are fundamental to producing a great publication, because they are the determinants of graphic design. I decided to focus on repetition, because I know that this is the most important to me when i think of producing a work that will last in the minds of whatever audience my piece is being produced for. It is like the backbone

Repetition refers to rhythm produced by repeating color, line, form, etc.

Keep it simple, stupid. This statement is easy to remember, and will stick in your mind the next time you have an assignment or presentation to do. Remember that consistency is key, and neat. If you center a publication around a specific amount (lets just say 3 at the most) pf colors to use within a brochure, those three colors mood to be the only key colors used in the brochure. For example, if you are creating a brochure for an organization that uses red, yellow and green as its colors, why would you decide to throw purple into the mix? It will throw off the flow, in addition to looking tacky. Your design should should be eye catching to the observer, and simplicity gives anything a more classic look when compared to works that are over exaggerated with effects and vibrant colors. Organization is also a key factor in thinking about your design. Everything should flow together, making the order of the information easier to follow and giving the document the appearance of formality.


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