Blog #3: Typography

When a designer is thinking of what fonts to select, I hope that they have one thing in mind: The READERS. The fonts being chosen should be easy to read, attractive to the eye, as well;l as appropriate for the type of publication that is being written and distributed. If people can’t read it, or it lacks the attractive design for it to be worthy of public attention, then it was basically just a waste of time for the person that probably spent hours slaving in order to create it. For business cards smaller fonts are better, because of the limited amount of space. I think that 1between 14 and 16pt font are the biggest that should be featured on any business card for script. As far the design goes, if there happens to be a single letter or symbol that’s larger than that but stands alone I think its fine to make it larger. For brochures anywhere from the standard 12 pt font to a whopping 48 pt can be used, because you have space to do so. The title has to be large enough to stand out and attract the eyes of your reader, but you need certain script to be small enough to fit all necessary information. As a beginning designer, I get all my fonts from, courtesy of my Publications teacher, Professor Nixon ;-). It’s great for beginners, because it gives you the option to type a short passage and see what the font would look like if you used it for particular words, and the directions for installing the font are so simply my elementary-school-aged younger brother could probably do it(being the computer whiz he is).

If you want to find out how to add your own cool and crazy fonts to your personal PC, just follow te steps here:


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