Blog Post #1: Photography-The Language of the Image ♥

The News University online course was extremely educational and interesting to me, simply because I’ve always been interested in photography. Having never taken any type of class or any formal training, it was great to be able to take my time and breeze through all the definitions and terms available. There were a great number to go through, but I appreciated the fact that they gave you extra photos to compare and contrast between. 

I think that the website  could have been a tad bit more interactive, or perhaps all the tabs and vocabulary could have been presented in a different way. A simple “next” tab in the bottom right-hand corner would have sufficed, versus actually having to take time to click on each word and photograph individually. I loved the fact that there was an audio option, which made the fact that I had to go through and click on each individual photgraph better

I learned useful information about how to utilize different lighting and angles within a shot. Any photo can convey a completely different message when the angle is changed.  

What shocked me most was the section about angles. It was strange that each of the photos included were take in the same place at around teh same time, but that a simple change of angle could transform the energy  of the entire situation.

I want to learn more about lighting and how conveying different moods and emotions can make photographs more effective.


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